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Dec 2012

Studio 34It's been such a busy month that I haven't had time to update the Blog. On the left is a photo taken at a recent Holiday Open House at my new painting studio. That's me on the right. Some other notable events this month were a 3-day show at Neiman Marcus in Natick, the opening of the Rocky Neck Winter Show in Gloucester and a two-person show with Tom at the Cloisters Gallery in Marblehead. Coming soon is a 12-person group show in Cambridge called Echos of Pop in the New Millennia. Thanks to Joe Kitsch for putting this show together. Twelve large photos of food-related Lilliputian Landscapes are now on display at the Johnson and Wales Culinary Arts Museum in Providence, Rhode Island. A reception for that show catered by the Johnson and Wales chefs is planned for sometime this spring and will be announced soon.

Fall 2012

In addition to participating in some interesting shows, such as the New Hampshire Art Association's Parfitt Open Juried Photography Exhibit, juried by Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography two exciting opportunies developed that are making a profound change in my artistic development. First, I was lucky to get into the Griffin Museum's Photography Atelier workshop, led by Karen Davis. It's a wonderful program that I strongly recommend to any photographer interested in developing their portfolio. The other breakthrough for me was an expressive painting class led by Yhanna Coffin, an incredible painter and therapist. I hadn't painted in years and felt blocked and afraid to hold a brush. Her guidance and exercises have released so much pent-up creative energy and has restored my confidence. I found a fabulous studio space that is big enough to share and am so lucky that three upbeat women that I love agreed to share it with me. Stay tuned for more about Studio 34.

Summer 2012

Blue MoonThis summer I worked on a series of one-of-a-kind three-dimensional photo-based mixed-media pieces. These involved layering versions of the same photographic montage on wood cradled blocks. Most of these pieces sold at the Rocky Neck Gallery and other shows. Pictured on the left is Blue Moon, a digital montage of a close-up of the side of a boat under repair that has been cut out, layered and adherred onto a cradled wood panel making the whole piece three dimensional. Viewers are encouraged to gently feel the surface.

The Lilliputian Landscape photos are always a big hit with tourists to Rocky Neck and Rockport. A new series of flower photos drew the most attention, especially an image called Flower Dance of peonies fresh from my garden with a dancing couple that I selected because the woman's dress echoed the lacy feel of the flower petals. Although this wasn't my intent when I took the photo, most people saw the couple as a bride and groom.

Flower Dance

Winter 2012

Cold ShoulderI finished a new series called ice — photographs of miniature figures frozen in ice cubes. Cold Shoulder was accepted in Cambridge Art Association's Scratching the Surface show, juried by Joseph Carroll.

Fall 2011

Attack of the Lilliputian WomenFall's big news was acceptance into Cambridge Art Association's RED show (juror Howard Yerserky) and an honorable mention award for my photograph, The Attack of the Lilliputian Women. The Rocky Neck Gallery closed for the season in October and is scheduled to open in May 2012 with the "Best of Rocky Neck" spring members show.

Summer 2011

The summer season is in full swing with lots of activity at local galleries and art associations. Highlights include an exhibit at the Gloucester Stage Company from August 10 to 21. This exhibit features several large Lilliputian Landscape photos, One Way to the Fort photo diorama, and Maximus Weeps, 20x30 metallic photo montage. Meanwhile 8 Lilliputian Landscape photos are on display at Oregano's Restaurant in Newburyport until September 30.

Spring 2011Cabbage Sea

This spring was a good season for awards. A new Lilliputian Landscape called Cabbage Sea received the Gerald R. O’Brien Memorial Award at the Rockport Art Association's Spring Photography Show. And a composite photo that I created from nine images shot in front of the Salem pubic restrooms called Pit Spot was awarded the Award of Excellence in Photography at Newburyport's annual Regional Show.

Button FactoryI donated two pieces for auction. The Gloucester Stage Company auctioned off a 20" x 30" framed piece called The Button Factory, which a created last year for a button-themed show at the Rocky Neck Gallery. Another Lilliputian Landscape, Sunflower Gardner, is up for auction at the Newburyport Art Association's annual auction on June 11.

I also was honored to be a guest speaker at the Gloucester Charter School. It's so much fun to talk about photography to a quick-minded enthusiastic audience of young people.

Fall/Winter 2010

I was invited to participate in a 4-person shownin October, November and December at a ArtSites, wonderful gallery in Riverhead, Long Island. ArtSites (www.artsitesgallery.com) shows cutting edge contemporary work.

Other notable events this fall and winter include acceptance into Cambridge Art Association's Blue show and lots of activity at Rocky Neck's winter exhibit. Tom and I were also invited to put up a two person show by local art gallery maven, Bonnie Crane, at St. John's Episcopal Church in Beverly Farms.

Summer 2010Onion Skaters

It was a whirlwind of a summer, filled with shows, with a few awards and lots of activity at the Square Circle and Rocky Neck Galleries. A fun guest lecture and workshop with elementary students at the Eastern Point Day School inspried one of my new Lilliputian Landscape photos, called Onion Skaters.

Spring 2010

Save City HallMy solo show called Endangered Spaces at the Rockport Art Association opened on March 14, 2010 with a reception from 2 to 4 pm. Endangered Spaces is about locations, buildings, and moments in time that no longer exist or are in danger of extinction. The majority of the work was taken in Cape Ann including the Birdseye Building, Fort Square, the Marine Railways and the Paint Factory. I used a variety of photographic techniques to capture the essence of a place including traditional photography, digital photographic montages, photo books, cut-out three dimensional photographs, and texturized montage collages. See article about the show in the Gloucester Daily Times and Cape Ann Beacon.

October 5, 2009

The summer has flown by and all of a sudden it's Fall. The big news for me has been being asked to participate in a small group show with four excellent artists at the Cambridge Art Association. The Show is called "Seeing is Forgetting (the name of the thing that one sees)". Curated by photographer Robert Hesse, the work in the show is all about illusion and things that may appear to be one thing that are actually something else. It features Catherine Evans, a very accomplished mixed media minimal artist; Lorraine Sullivan, a fabulous assemblage artist that you have to come see; Madeleine Lord, a whimsical, creative cut metal sculptress; Bob Hesse, a very creative and talented photographer and moi. The show runs from October 2 to October 30, 2009 at University Place Gallery, 124 Mt. Auburn St. in Harvard Square. Read review on Cambridge Community Television.

Here are some photos that Tom took of us hanging the show.

Hanging the Front Lobby, Alison on the left, Lorraine's husband and Catherine Evans on the right
Hanging work in the front lobby. Alison from CAA, left, Bob Hesse and me center,
and Lorraine's husband and Catherine Evans, right.

Down the hall
View down the hallway.

The other side of the hall
The other side of the hall.

Alison in the Front Lobby
Alison hanging the front lobby.

Summer 2009

The Rocky Neck Gallery (Gloucester), Square Circle (Rockport) and Chameleon (Newburyport) have kept me busy all summer. I won a few awards ... the PRC award at the Rockport Art Association for "Golden Waterline" a transparent photo and for "Blue Coupe" an abstract 50s auto. I also got "People's Choice" in mixed media at the Magnolia Library Show for my 3-D photographic construction, "One Way to the Fort." Plus the Topsfield Library asked me to be the "Artist of the Month" in August, so I scrambled to put a show together. The local Topsfield paper wrote a nice article about me. Click here to read it.

June 15, 2009Free Parking

It's been a crazy spring .. so much going on that I haven't had time to update my blog. The art season started with the Spring and Summer shows at the Rockport Art Association. One of my new monopoly pieces sold at the Arts and Flowers Show. On May 15 we go the keys to the Rocky Neck Gallery and had only one week to jury all of the new artists and transform the space into something new. We've been getting rave reviews about the art (29 unique and interesting artists) and the space. Come down to 53 Rocky Neck Ave. and see for yourself.

Soup DiversOne of my photos, Family Outing, was accepted in Cambridge Art Association's Northeast Prize. And I just set up a show of Lilliputian Landscapes at Addison Gilbert Hospital. It will be up until the end of June. My favorite is another new one, Soup Divers.

This photo has been selling well at the Square Circle in Rockport. Stop in and visit Myra at 6 Dock Square if you have a chance. Or if you happen to be up in Newburyport, check out Chameleon at 18 Liberty Street. My photo, Locally Grown is going to be auctioned off at the Newburport Art Association's auction on June 20.

One of my new experiments has been with translucent film and window frames. This process works best with some of my water photos. Golden Waterline, at the second summer show at the Rockport Art Association just won an award for Excellence in Photography. You can see these translucent photos at the Rocky Neck Gallery and at the Rockport Art Association. We have a fun show coming up at the Magnolia Library. I plan to show one of my 3-D photo shadowboxes .. One Way to the Fort. The show runs from July 11-13.

StrataMarch 6, 2009

I currently have work in two shows. Stratum at the Cambridge Art Association and the Members Show at the Newburyport Art Association. The photograph on the left is in Stratum .. and it just happens to be called Strata. It's a photograph of reflections on the side of the MIT Strata Center.


Fishing PaperweightThe little people construction on the left was in the Newburyport show. It's designed to be a paperweight. Only 2 1/2 inches square, the bottom is filled with layers of found objects from the beach, like shells and sea glass, interspersed with bits of jewelry and beads. The whole thing is filled with clear epoxy resin, giving it an interesting layered effect. A silver fish from an old earring is coming through the ocean of beads. The tiny fisherman is sitting on a shell with a tiny dog beside him.



November 9, 2008

This is the first entry into my new News Blog, so will give a little recap of some of the stuff that's been going on in my art world.

My photo "Ancient Grease" was recently accepted at Cambridge Art Association's Blue Show, juried by Jen Mergel, Assistant Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. This photo doesn't appear in any of the albums on this site, so here it is, in case you're curious.

Ancient Grease

I took the photo this summer while taking a long walk through a not so nice part of Portland, Oregon. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came upon this mural of a Greek temple painted on the side of a McDonald's in a run down parking lot. Fast food signs were stuck next to a few rose bushes and shrubs creating a very absurd reality. Luckily I had been lugging around my 40D just waiting for something like this. It took two photos to capture the whole thing, which I stitched together when I got home later. I thought it was pretty cool, but everytime I showed it to someone the reaction was dead silence (not a good sign), except for my husband Tom who at least said he liked it. The other photo that I submitted was "Fiesta Gates", which you can see in the Abstract Album as soon as I finish it. It didn't get in ... only one is accepted if you submit two. That one was very graphic and more blue, but this one evokes more of an emotional response.